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The Inspiration Behind "Native Hummingbird on Japanese Hanging Scroll Wall Art" - CORIMARAY
As a Japanese artist working with some Native Americans, I have uncovered profound connections between our cultures, particularly in our views and relationships with nature and the spiritual world. Both cultures exhibit a deep reverence for the earth and its creatures, not merely viewing them as components of the ecosystem, but as essential parts of our spiritual existence. This mutual respect inspired me to create "Native Hummingbird on Japanese Hanging Scroll Wall Art." In many Native American traditions, the hummingbird is a revered symbol of joy, resilience, and adaptability—qualities that deeply resonate within both our cultures. The hanging scroll in Japanese art provides a dynamic, retro-meets-modern canvas that captures the hummingbird's graceful and purposeful movements.By merging these elements, my aim was to encapsulate the essence of both Native American and Japanese art forms. The hanging scroll embodies the elegance and contemplative nature of Japanese aesthetics, providing a tranquil backdrop to the vibrant and spiritually meaningful Native American hummingbird.This artwork is more than just a decorative piece; it serves as a cultural bridge, celebrating the differences and similarities that enrich our communities. It is a collaboration that speaks to the core of what art represents—transcending boundaries and conveying universal themes that resonate with everyone.Through "Native Hummingbird on Japanese Hanging Scrolls," my hope is to foster greater appreciation and understanding between these two rich cultures, showcasing the beauty that emerges when diverse worlds come together through art. This work stands as a testament to the powerful connections that art can forge, uniting different traditions in a celebration of shared values and mutual respect, and ultimately highlighting how art can be a profound medium for cultural exchange and understanding.   Kakejiku ( Japanese Hanging Scroll ) Kakejiku, also known as kakemono, refers to a Japanese hanging scroll that is used for displaying and appreciating paintings, calligraphy, and other artworks. These scrolls are typically made of silk or paper, mounted with fabric borders, and are hung vertically, often within a tokonoma (alcove) in traditional Japanese rooms. The kakejiku format is an integral part of Japanese interior decoration and is especially prominent in settings related to tea ceremonies, where the selection and placement of a scroll reflect the host's aesthetic sense and the season or occasion. The art displayed on a kakejiku can vary widely, from intricate ink paintings and detailed landscapes to bold calligraphic strokes or poetic haiku. The top and bottom of the scroll have rollers (known as jikugi) which help in rolling up the scroll for storage. The flexibility of the kakejiku allows it to be changed according to the season or the specific tastes of those viewing it, making it a dynamic part of Japanese cultural life. The kakejiku has a long history in Japan, influenced by earlier Chinese practices of scroll making. It embodies the principles of wabi-sabi, the acceptance of transience and imperfection, and serves not only as a home decoration but also as a focus for reflection and a deep appreciation of art.
From Phoenix to Inspiration: The Journey Behind My Printable Art Venture - CORIMARAY
Sometimes, what begins as a mere departure from routine can pave the way for life-changing experiences. My journey from the bustling streets of New York to the vibrant landscapes of Phoenix was supposed to be a brief hiatus from my daily grind. Little did I know, it would ignite the spark for my new venture in printable art. Join me as I recount the memorable trip that brought a surge of creativity and inspiration, culminating in a business idea that I am passionate about. It was a crisp December morning when I landed in Phoenix. The city greeted me with open arms and sunlit skies, a stark contrast to the chilly air I had left behind in New York. The change of scenery was refreshing, and I was ready to explore what Phoenix had to offer. My itinerary was loosely planned, but I was particularly excited about one stop: the Heard Museum. Known for its extensive collection of Native American artifacts, the Heard Museum was more than just a museum visit; it was a journey through time and culture. As I walked through the exhibits, I was not just a spectator but a learner, eager to absorb the rich history and artistry of the Native American communities. Each artifact told a story, and each story painted a picture of a heritage both tumultuous and vibrant. Amid the historical narratives and exquisite art pieces, a spark of inspiration struck me. The intricate designs and profound stories behind each exhibit resonated with my creative spirit. I realized the potential of art not just as a form of expression but as a bridge connecting histories, cultures, and people. This realization was the birth of my idea for a printable art business—a venture that would allow everyone to own a piece of unique art that carried a story worth telling. Back in my hotel room, I couldn’t shake the excitement. Sketching out ideas, I envisioned a collection of printable art that would blend cultural richness with modern aesthetics. I wanted to create art that was accessible yet profound, something that could decorate a home and at the same time, tell a history. Each piece would be inspired by the narratives I had seen at the museum, tailored to fit the contemporary space of modern homes. What started as a simple journey to find relaxation turned into the beginning of a fulfilling and exciting business venture. My trip to Phoenix and the Heard Museum opened my eyes to the possibilities that art holds, not just as decor but as a storyteller and a connector. Through my printable art, I hope to bring a piece of that experience into people's homes, making art not just seen but felt. If you're intrigued by the blend of history and modern art, explore our collection and find the piece that speaks to you. Let art tell its story in your home.